The North Sydney Innovation Network hosts a range of events. To participate join our Meetup Group!

You too can come along to free events like:

Blockchain Bonanza! A beginner’s guide…

What is ‘The Blockchain’? Should I care? These were the fundamental questions answered by the presenters at this event: Taylor Luk and Chironjit Das.

Life’s a Pitch – pitching practice for all you startups…

Garry Visontay from Right Click Capital provided a free workshop on how to pitch (for both pitchers and non-pitchers). Then our teams pitched and gained valuable feedback from our judges: Samantha Wong, Blackbird Ventures; Colette Grgic, Blue Chilli and; Garry Visontay, Right Click Capital.

The China-Australia Startup Bridge – 创业桥梁

“Chinese cash is coming here like a tsunami!”, Aaron Mankovski, Pitango VC (Israel), but it’s no different in Australia. At this event, at WorkInc (Bay 10) we explored how startups & investors do business in China, why there is still distrust and the awesome opportunities through bi-lateral collaboration. Our expert facilitator and panel members were: Sarah TritschStar JasmineKen TaggartChatty KidsTerry HilsbergInnohub CapitalEmily Hung, General Manager of Winglong.