Innovation and Startups Virtual Library

As part of our Vision to provide and promote opportunities to increase knowledge and ideas among stakeholders in the innovation sector of North Sydney, we are delighted to provide access to the following industry report:


Each report is organised by date (yyyymmdd), country of origine, title of the report and name of the author.


20171100 (AUS) Australian innovation system report (Department of Industry, Innovation and Science)

20170000 (AUS) Australia 2030 Stakeholder Consultation Report (Commonwealth of Australia)

20170000 (AUS) AVCAL 2017 Yearbook (AVCAL)

20170000 (Global) Forging the Future_Fintech & Financial Institutions (KPMG)

20170214 (AUS) Success on Social Media (Australian Business Consulting Solutions)

20170300 (AUS) Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce Innovation Index Q1 (AICC)

20170301 (AUS) Cyber Scare Cybercrime in Australia (NSW Small Bus Commissioner)

20170400 (Global) Australia Start Up Summary Report (CeBIT)

20170405 (Global) Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017 (Startup Genome)

20170414 (AUS) Australian IP Report 2017 (IP Australia).

20170427 (SYD) Imagine Sydney (Deloitte).

20170518 (AUS) Understanding Your Market (Australian Business Consulting Solutions)

20170600 (Global) Key insights from PwC’s Innovation Benchmark (PwC)

20170615 (AUS) The Venture Capital Effect (AVCAL)

20170615 (Global) The Global Innovation Index Full Report (Cornell University)

20170622 (AUS) Social Media Report CHAPTER 1 (Sensis)

20170700 (AUS) Business Research Collaboration Discovery Report (Department of Industry, Innovation and Science)

20170700 (AUS) Fintech Adoption Index (EY).

20170725 (AUS) Digitise or Die Australias Digital Expectations (DocuSign)

20170815 (AUS) Building Your Brand (Australian Business Consulting Solutions)

20170819 (AUS) Cyber Aware Cybercrime Preparedness (NSW Small Bus Commissioner)

20170927 (AUS) Design and Monitoring of the NISA (Natl Audit Office)

20170928 (AUS) Data Sharing Frameworks (ACS).

20171000 (AUS) Australian Disruptive Technologies (Austrade).

20171025 (AUS) Digital Foundations (StartupAUS).

20171100 (AUS) Australian Innovation System Report (Office of Chief Economist)

20171100 (AUS) Crossroads 2017 (StartupAus).

20171100 (AUS) Towards An Adaptive Education System in Australia (GRATTAN Institute)

20171100 (Global) Bridging the Gap (KPMG Global Proptech Survey)

20171113 (AUS) Communications report 2016-17 (ACMA).

20171114 (AUS) Improving Your Customer Experience for SMEs (Australian Business Consulting & Solutions)

20171118 (Global) Fintech100 (KPMG – H2 Ventures).

20171127 (AUS) StartupMuster 2017 (StartupMuster).

20171129 (Global) Global Entrepreneurship Index 2018 (GEDI) data (Excel sheet)

20171129 (Global) Global Entrepreneurship Index 2018 (GEDI). (PDF)

20171200 (AUS) Registered ESVCLPs & AFOFs (DoI, AusGov)

20180000 (Asia) Discover the next stage of growth in Asia – ANZ Opportunity Asia Report (ANZ)

20180000 (AUS) Australian Startup Salary Guide 2018 (Think & Grow and StartupAUS)

20180000 (AUS) Driving Australia’s international ICT competitiveness and digital growth (ACS, Deloitte Access Economics)

20180000 (Global) AI 2020- The Global State of Intellegent Enterprise (AI)

20180000 (Global) Annual Cybersecurity Report (CISCO).

20180200 (AUS) Comm Bank Not For Profit Insights Report (CommBank)

20180211 (Global) Embracing innovation in government (OECD)

20180300 (AUS) Small Business Digital Taskforce (Australian Government)

20180301 (AUS) Easy to do Business (Service NSW)

20180315 (Asia) Sunrise Industries (Data61, CSIRO).

20180400 (NSW) Jobs for NSW – Funding Roadmap (NSW Government)

20180413 (AUS) 2018 Defence Industrial Capability Plan (Department of Defence)

20180501 (AUS) City Pulse Sydney (PWC).

20180522 (AUS) Registered ESVCLPs & AFOFs (DoI, AusGov)

20180725 (NSW) Technology Survey Report (NSW Business Chamber)

20180727 (AUS) Startup Talent Gap (Startup AUS)

20180800 (AUS) The Innovation Economy – Implications and Imperatives for States and Regions (NSW Innovation and Productivity Council)

20180801 (AUS) Fitness, fulfilment and foresight – Research into the wellbeing of startup founders and entrepreneurs (KPMG)

20180815 (AUS) Emerging Jobs Report (LinkedIn)

20180822 (NSW) NSW Innovation & Productivity Scorecard (NSW Inovation & Productivity Council)

20180829 (USA) Tech in the Classroom- How Do Parents Feel About It (Microsoft)

20180900 (NSW) NSW Innovation Precincts – Lessons from international experience (NSW Innovation and Productivity Council)

20180900 (AUS) Welcome to the Australian Space Agency (Australian Space Agency)

20180900 (AUS) Registered ESVCLPs & AFOFs (DoI, AusGov)

20180910 (AUS) Australia Startup & Young Technology Company – Funding Report 2017/18 (Techboard)

20180917 (AUS) Digital Innovation – Australia’s $315B Opportunity (CSIRO)

20180923 (AUS) Space – A Roadmap for unlocking future growth opportunities for Australia (CSIRO)

20180927 (AUS) Australia’s IoT Opportunity – Driving Future Growth (ACS)

20181000 (AUS) Technology & Innovation Precinct – Industry Survey Report (TechSydney)

20181005 (AUS) ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse – Driving Australia’s international ICT competitiveness and digital growth (ACS)

20181019 (AUS) From Resource Boom to Digital Boom – Capturing Australia’s Digital Trade Opportunity at Home and Abroad (Export Council of Australia)

20181021 (AUS) Startup Muster Annual Report 2018 (Startup Muster)

20181031 (AUS) Small Business Digital Taskforce (Australian Government).

20181031 (NSW) Intergenerational Report (NSW Government).

20181121 (AUS) Support for Australian Female Founders (AICC)

20181122 (AUS) The Startup Economy – How to support tech startups and accelerate Australian innovation (PWC)

20181127 (AUS) InformationAge Cyber Security Experts Series (ACS)


Small Business – digitisation & innovation

20130400 (UK) The Digital Imperative – Small businesses, technologies and growth (Federation of Small Business)

20180300 (AU) Small Business Digital Taskforce – Report to Government (Small Business Digital Taskforce)

20181000 (AU) From Little things big things grow – How digital connectivity is helping Australian small business thrive (Small Business Insights)