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What we’ll do

Your startup journey can be an intensely rewarding, albeit emotionally demanding adventure. A crucial but often inadequately explored element of the start-up journey is failure. With start-up failure rates often cited above 80%, failure is a key experience from which founders should draw important and valuable lessons to bring them closer to success.

On this night, we explore how to analyse and best capitalise on the lessons of past mistakes, whilst also focussing on dealing with the very real emotional burdens of venturing into your startup journey.


• 6:00pm: Please arrive on time to meet other entrepreneurs / startups and check out the co-working space.

• 6:45pm ish: Speaker along with Q&A.

• 8:00pm ish: Chat with the speaker(s) and other entrepreneurs

• 8:30pm ish: We try to kick you out!

This is a free event. Please take time to thank someone from WorkBee who are sponsoring this event.

We want to keep building the community of startups and innovation ecosystem people on the North Shore. Read our Vision Statement!

If you have a friend who is working on a startup, you may like to send them the link to this event. You never know what spark might be created as a result!


WorkInc ( 6 Middlemiss St, Lavender Bay, NSW 2060

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