Government Submissions

Over the past few years, the NSIN has made eleven submissions to local Councils and government committees seeking consultation on a variety of infrastructure projects, policies or strategic plans:

  1. Willoughby City Council submission March 2017
  2. Greater Sydney Council North District Plan, March 2017
  3. Community Poll questions submission June 2017
  4. NSW Government Future Transport Strategy June 2017
  5. North Sydney Council Traffic and Parking Area Scheme (TAPAS) plan September 2017
  6. Ku-ring-gai Council Strategic Plan Submission February 2018
  7. Kesterton Park: Proposed Improvement Works, March 2018
  8. North Sydney Community Strategic Plan 2013-2023, March 2018
  9. North Sydney Council Smart City Strategy Stage 2, August 2019
  10. North Sydney Council Public Domain Strategy, June 2020
  11. Hornsby Economic Development and Tourism Strategy, November 2020

To read our submissions visit our public Dropbox and go to: “Submissions & Issued Papers AS RELEASED”.

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