By Thomas Faria

Computers the size of a strand of DNA? 3D printed bridges and houses? Artificial intelligence in the workplace?

Craig Rispin gave us a look into his crystal ball over some glasses of mulled wine on a chilly night at WorkInc’s BayTen Espresso.

The North Sydney Innovation Network brought together a group of innovators, founders, and supporters to listen in on what Craig believes is the future of industry.

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Craig is indeed someone worth listening too. He has 20 years of experience working with some of the most innovative companies in tech and broadcasting, from IBM to Canon to Toyota. He even worked at Apple under Steve Jobs back in the 80s.

Craig discussed a wide variety of future technologies with the group, all in an effort to make attendees more aware of just how fast industries are accelerating.

The exponential curve of innovation is just getting started, with limitless possible opportunities waiting to be found. Craig encouraged people to know first, be first, and profit first in the new age of digital industry.

Some could argue that being first isn’t everything — Apple certainly didn’t invent the smartphone, they simply innovated in the space — however there is credence to Craig’s motto. Knowing about the latest advances and innovative ideas is a critical to capitalizing when it comes to bringing them to market.

Ultimately, Craig wanted to share his experience and knowledge with others, and he certainly did. The event was intriguing, thought-provoking, and engaging.

Full video of the event is available too!

About the author

Thomas Faria is currently a marketing intern at the North Sydney Innovation Network. He also attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he studies chemistry. When he’s not reading up on the latest in tech trends or studying for lab finals he enjoys playing/watching/reading about basketball.