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SEO for Startups

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With startups gaining in popularity over the past decade, it’s becoming harder to become visible through the ever increasing sea of websites, which continue to grow daily. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of optimising a website, to increase its visibility in the Search Engine results pages. This differs from PPC (Google, Facebook Ads etc) which

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What’s new? – North Sydney Council Business Buzz 2019

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On Thursday 26th February  I had the pleasure of attending the North Sydney Business Buzz 2019 hosted by the North Sydney Council. It was a great opportunity to learn about the changes taking place in the area, including key strategic planning projects and major developments. James Marshall, Economic Development Coordinator, hosted the conference, engaging panelists: Dan Walker, Director in Charge

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Pitch Events: Get up and do it!

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Pitch events North Sydney Innovation Network runs a series of events throughout the year including pitch events. The general flow for the event includes three things: Pitching Class with an awesome coach Pitches Chat with Speakers, Judges, and other entrepreneurs. General Pitching Advice A pitch is not just for money or a current need! So often, we get ‘I don’t

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Be Part of the North Sydney Innovation Network: Our Top 6 Ways

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Do you live or work (or both) in Sydney’s North and have an interest in innovation? Be part of the North Sydney Innovation Network. Perhaps you are a responsible for product development in a large company or you run an Accelerator program or a coworking space. Or perhaps you have started a business that you think could be the next

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Back to the Futurism with Craig Rispin, a Noted Futurist

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By Thomas Faria Computers the size of a strand of DNA? 3D printed bridges and houses? Artificial intelligence in the workplace? Craig Rispin gave us a look into his crystal ball over some glasses of mulled wine on a chilly night at WorkInc’s BayTen Espresso. The North Sydney Innovation Network brought together a group of innovators, founders, and supporters to

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