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Join us at this upcoming ACS Industry Insight Leaders Series event on Thursday 7 May, where our speaker Stevan Premutico will share some critical insights to help you survive and thrive in a digital, ever changing world. He will also talk about his secrets on how Dimmi went about disrupting and digitising one of the oldest school industries, and how innovation became integral in winning customers and beating the global competition.

The topic is addressed to:

  • Entrepreneurship: The founder’s journey from napkin to reality and everything in between.
  • Start-up: The survival guide, how to get through the start-up years or any period of great change & disruption.
  • Methodology: Tech systems put into place to ensure a start-up turns into a billion $ company and manages to remain scaleable and resilient.
  • Tech: Overview of the tech platform that disrupted the hospitality industry.

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