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Selling your expertise and skill sets within a business environment is likened to being a highly specific wheel within a complex watch mechanism. The wheel is obviously vital to the functioning of the watch, thus without this wheel the watch cannot tell the time.

This is the dynamic that many of us face when transacting business.

During this Lunch and Learn session, serial entrepreneur and Collaborate Plus member, Robert Salisbury will explore the processes beneficial to successfully targeting who needs your expertise, and how your skills fit into their system.

Attendees will learn:

the importance research plays in identifying business synergies
processes for targeting and building business relationships
how to sell your unique qualities.

About the speaker

Robert Salisbury

Originally from the UK, Robert and this family now call Australia home. Robert has been self-employed for more than 20 years with industry experience in telecommunications, sales, advertising, exhibitions, stock markets, land, boats, recruitment, property, and publishing.

Robert is the principal at property firm Phillip Banks, which is involved with Australian food export service company Food Port, and operates book publisher Lime Books.

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