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The Agile Manifesto states, “The best…emerge from self-organizing teams.”

In this talk, Allan Ryan, Executive Director of Hargraves, will showcase new tools that empower teams to self-organise, develop trust and collaborate face-to-face and virtually. Importantly, he will explore DIY approaches that we can all undertake to improve our performance and growth.

Attendees will experience and learn:

You are the most important person. Learn how to improve your own performance and growth with DIY tools.
Teams are the engine room of the modern workplace. Experience the collaboration game, Collaborizza, and how you can improve team performance.
Modern workplaces are digital. Prioritise what is important for you and your workplace with the SOAR Modern Workplace canvas.
Everyone has customers and stakeholders. Explore your collaboration direction with a four step compass: North star, Enablers, Walls/barriers and Stakeholders.

About the speaker

Allan Ryan

I’m passionate about people, teams, tools and practices that deliver real growth through collaboration and innovation, as well as helping leaders, teams and organisations of all sizes and types remain relevant and thrive in today’s fast-moving and disruptive world.

From my early career as an engineer, to a CEO leading 500 people, I’ve experienced first-hand the practical issues of balancing everyday operations with enabling change for long-term success.

As Executive Director of Hargraves, I’ve built a global network and developed leading tools and programs to support innovation and collaboration across all areas.

As a speaker and facilitator, I’m known for my ability to “demystify the process of innovation and distil key messages down to simple, engaging bites so the audience can immediately relate”.

I’m proud to be an Adjunct Professor at UTS Business School, recognising my respect for research and rigour. I’m also on the Board for The Centre for Social Purpose, recognising my commitment to collaboration and the ‘for purpose’ sector.

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