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Ideas are the currency of any customer experience, innovation, technology, people or transformation program, yet most organisations aren’t purposely set up to encourage creativity to flourish. In fact, often the way they are set up has the opposite effect and kills creativity. Now is the perfect time to reset our creativity.

In this interactive and experiential talk Nathan exposes the 5 blockers of individual, team and organisational creativity and how to overcome them to unleash everyone’s creativity, even those without a so called creative bone in their body.

About the speaker:

Nathan is author of his most recent book “The Innovators Playbook” and is an internationally experienced author, speaker and innovation consultant living in Sydney.

He is the founder of customer-driven innovation and growth firm Methodry. He was previously a Partner of Design Thinking for global management consultancy KPMG, where he established and led KPMG’s Human Centred Design practice. He has run 100s of innovation projects, 1000s of workshops and spent tens of thousands of hours practicing and training innovation across most industries and continents.

He is super passionate about democratising innovation while balancing the need to maintain rigorous standards of teaching and practice to enable all individuals, teams, organisations and countries to prosper and flourish through design-led innovation.

This event will be held online. Please use this link to access the event – https://macquarie.zoom.us/j/97160094042.

See you there!

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