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Please note: This is not a NSIN event, we are only promoting this event. The event organiser is Committee For Sydney (CFS).

City life has been fundamentally changed by COVID-19. But before our current pandemic, there were no less dramatic changes underway in cities around the world reflective of long-term trends more and more people were living in density, the train was overtaking the car as travel mode of choice and jobs were increasingly being concentrated in a small number of locations.

Will coronavirus reverse these trends or is the allure of the city sufficient to overcome it? Will people return to public transport, or avoid the crush? Will people revert to a traditional suburban quarter-acre block? Will manufacturing and dispersed employment return?

To discuss this topic, we’ll be joined by a panel of experts from across Sydney – from the beaches to the suburbs. With:

  • Lucy Turnbull, former Chief Commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission and Former Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney

  • Gabriel Metcalf, CEO of the Committee for Sydney

  • Kiersten Fishburn, CEO of Liverpool City Council

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