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Note: this is an event run by Innovation Bay

An ecosystem’s success depends on a network of connected organisations all interacting with one another. For startups that infrastructure is accelerators, incubators, coworking, funding, and community groups; all of these things help talent, ideas and capital cluster together so that startups can grow.

The pandemic will undoubtedly lead to a sharp decline in the amount of ‘startups infrastructure’ available for startups to access. But it will also present a great opportunity to think about the future: not just about the recovery but what we need for the next 10-20 years will look like for #startupaus

We’ve pulled together a panel who have played an oversized role in getting the ecosystem where it is today and we’ll be asking them to imagine what the future of the ecosystem could be like:
– The future of accelerators and incubators
– Early stage investing
– How do we increase our voice with Government
– Inspiring the next generation and new generation of entrepreneurs

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