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Please note: This is not an NSIN event, we are only promoting this event. The event organiser is EduGrowth.
Listen to an expert on student engagement, learn how Australian EdTech solutions can maximising student engagement in a digital environment

This EdTech showcase, supported by ClickView, is focussed on student engagement.

Listen to an expert in the field and learn how technology can assist teachers to determine the level of engagement of their students as they continue to provide learning from home.

Student engagement is an important indicator for teachers; the degree of attention, interest and curiosity that a student shows with relation to the curriculum or learning content is key to success in the classroom.

In a physical context teachers rely on many visible and non-visible cues to determine an individual student’s level of engagement.

Understanding student engagement in a digital environment is more complex, however with the aid of technology it can be simplified, provide instant feedback and highlight where further teacher intervention is required.

This event will profile Australian EdTech solutions that are proven, available, and ready to scale in the K12 school sector.

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