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Most companies are not breached by advanced cyberattacks but rather from hopeful, opportunistic and financially motivated, IT-savvy crooks.

The cyber threat intelligence community is aware of more than 850 million known IP addresses and domains that are associated with malicious cyber activity. However, most companies continue to leverage intelligence about known sources of threats inconsistently.

This talk will review the use-cases, challenges, barriers and benefits of using threat intelligence to defend businesses and their information assets at mass scale. You will be introduced to Threat Intelligence Gateways, which is a Gartner-identified emerging technology. We will explain how these are used to apply a new approach to operationalising threat-intelligence that’s actionable, automated and cost-effective.

About the speaker

Loris Minassian | Founder, CyberStash

With 20 years’ experience in building, operating and globalising security operations centres, Loris is the founder of CyberStash, an Australian-based Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) focused on delivering leading-edge cybersecurity, compliance and risk management services.

Prior to founding CyberStash, Loris was the co-founder of earthwave. He was responsible for all operational aspects of the company and consequently instrumental in its success. He designed, built, and certified the earthwave Secure Internet Gateway, and also certified the MSS services to ISO27001 and PCI-DSS.

Following the sale of earthwave to Dimension Data, Loris continued to run the SOC in APAC as MSS Director and SOC Manager, before the MSS business unit was integrated into NTT Security. As a consultant to both state and local government, educational institutions and the financial sector, Loris understands better than most the challenges organisations face when operationalising their security practice.

While helping companies overcome these challenges and enabling them to continue to mitigate cyber risks and meet their regulatory requirements, Loris always has a keen eye on the total cost of ownership, making it his personal goal to keep it as low as possible.

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