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Just like the dot-com bubble of the late 90s and the GFC of the 2000/2010s, the world after COVID-19 will be tilted slightly further to one side. It has changed our perspective on many things, not just as business leaders but also as consumers.

The important question is, how do you as a leader guide your business to keep your existing customers and gain new ones with the earth on a slightly new axis?

In this interview, we hear from Ben Wymer the CEO of Blackrock Profit on the impacts to your business that are at the core of changes we will need to make, the steps you can take now to prepare to rebuild in this new climate. You will also have the opportunity to ask specific questions on the challenges you are facing.

About Ben Wymer and Blackrock Profit

Ben Wymer, Founder and CEO of Blackrock Profit, has been passionately working with Founders, CEOs and Sales Leaders of start-ups and small businesses for 20 years to deliver consistent growth to your business by getting more customers, increasing revenue and building stronger teams. Blackrock Profit enables businesses who wish to develop a strong sales function that encompasses all aspects to drive significant sales growth.

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