Partnering with the NSIN

We work on a range of projects with different organisations and we thrive on the opportunity to advance the innovation economy in northern Sydney.

We will often take a lead or supporting role and form partnerships to deliver:

  • Sponsorship arrangements: working with those who want to help us deliver our activities including our awesome series of free events
  • Projects and events that further the innovation ecosystem in northern Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia and globally
  • Social media and PR campaigns (for activities and causes that we are aligned with)
  • Government policy submissions
  • Think tanks, round tables and strategy discussions
  • Research into (and relevant to) startups, business and innovation
  • Individuals or organisations who need guidance navigating the innovation system — fostering innovation is our central objective and we may be able to help you navigate the path from seed to realisation
  • Interns who want an insight into the innovation system; read more and submit an application if you’re interested.


What we won’t do

  • Offer introductions to investors or venture capitalists
  • Endorse particular companies or initiatives for monetary gain or other individual benefits.