As part of our Vision to provide and promote opportunities to increase knowledge and ideas among stakeholders in the innovation sector of North Sydney, we are delighted to provide access to the following industry reports.

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Predicting Tech, Media & Telecom

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Published: 2020
Geography: AUS
Author: Deloitte

A predictions report that takes on diverse topics from women’s sport to cloud adoption, telehealth to virtual reality. Investigates how Australia is tracking across nine topics relevant to the global pandemic and the changes, challenges, and opportunities that can be expected in 2021 and beyond.


Gender-blind innovation & tech

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Published: 2017
Geography: Global
Author: UN Women

This report addresses a number of barriers that contribute towards creating and sustaining the gender gap in innovation in technology including limited market awareness of the needs of women, a gender-blind approach to innovation, under-representation of women as entrepreneurs, and a perceived high risk, low reward profile of investing in innovations for women and girls.


AUS Women in Business

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Published: 2015
Geography: AUS
Author: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australian women are increasingly becoming business operators, perhaps to improve their family’s
social and economic wellbeing, remain attached to the labour force and better manage their work-life
balance. Just over a third of Australia’s business operators are women (34%), and their numbers are


Space: An AUS Roadmap

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Published: 2018
Geography: AUS
Author: CSIRO

Over the next two decades, Australia’s space industry will leverage the nation’s unique strengths and advantages to increase its role in the international space sector, providing strategic contributions to global value chains that result in economic return and improve the lives of Australians.


MedTech Skills Review

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Published: 2015
Geography: Australia
Author: Deloitte Access Economics

The Medical Technology (MedTech) industry makes a significant social and economic contribution in Australia, improving healthcare outcomes and generating innovation and growth. As such, this report provides a review of the medical technology industry’s workforce and skills and further recommendations.