Prefer podcasts? Here are our recommendations…

NSIN believes that all individuals and businesses should continuously grow and learn through educating themselves from podcasts! These Australian podcasts discuss topics on innovation, startups, Smart Cities and so much more! Check out our recommendations:


Founders on Air

founders on air podcastHosts: Steve Orenstein & Michael Rosenbaum

A podcast for founders by founders. Their aim is to provide their audience with real & actionable takeaways from each episode and to help others experiment with their own startup or business.

Promising reviews:

ryschwy (2020) – Brilliant all round. Perfect for all those looking to enter the life of entrepreneurship.

jenchoe (2019) – In this age of startup hubris and backslapping, hear from two experienced founders who have runs on the board. Must listen to any first time startup founder.


Small Biz Matters

small biz matters podcastHost: Alexi Boyd

They are the voice of small business in Hornsby by talking to the experts, giving advice, educating and diving into current affairs that matter to small business. Guests on their podcasts include local lawyers, accountants, marketing gurus, politicians, and many other experts in their fields who provide listeners with the expertise to help them grow their business.

Promising reviews: (2020) – Essential listening for anyone running their own business

Ads222222222222 (2020) – Very practical and comprehensive, the coverage of topics and the practicality of the concepts has all been a really great aide as I grow my own businesses.


The Smart Community Podcast

small community podcastHost: Zoe Eather

The Smart Community Podcast is a hub where smart and exciting people from all around the world come to discuss all things Smart City, Smart Town, Smart Region – anything that makes a place more liveable.

Promising reviews:

Rasth (2018) – Fantastic episode. Lots of practical examples and solutions. Well done Zoe and Rachel

HendryX Australia (2018) – Fantastic podcast that draws from a diverse and interesting group of smart city enthusiasts and experts. It is my weekly go-to for what’s new in the smart cities world and to keep up to date with new trends and technology. Zoe is an enthusiastic and thoughtful host, who is able to engage with her interviewees to zero in on the most important topics of the day for her audience.


The Startup Playbook Podcast

startup playbook podcastHost: Rohit Bhargava

Rohit interviews successful entrepreneurs, investors and experts within the startup and online business space to provide his audience with insight, practical steps and a “playbook” to give anyone the best chance to succeed in their own business.

Promising reviews:

Dave Lemphers (2020) – As a 4x successful founder, I love the tactical and genuine information in this podcast. Rohit carefully selects his guests then guided them deftly through the key points in their journeys, revealing valuable insights not available anywhere else. A must for founders who want to execute like the pros.

Baden (2019) – As a founder I’m voracious in consuming startup podcasts; This week in start ups, recode, Y Combinator. Rohit provides the best insight on HOW to run your company rather than discussing the fluffy topics around it. The best podcast for someone wanting to know and understand best practices.


Welcome to Day One

day one podcastHost: Adam Spencer

Welcome to Day One share the stories of regional entrepreneurs to inspire others to take action and showcase the regional founders out there. Their goal is to open the lines of communication between regions because, together, as one, we can achieve so much more!

Promising reviews:

carolcoops (2020) – Great initiative and executed perfectly! So great shining the light on regional start ups. Regional towns are such an essential part of Australia with so much to give!

argo88 (2019) – Thoughtful and useful, enjoyed the lack of hype and measured delivery. Listened to the Crave episode. Will try others.


Two Drunk Accountants 

two drunk accountants podcastHosts: Dan Osborne & Tim Garth

A weekly podcast, with two accountants, having a beverage, sharing their knowledge and dispelling the myths of running a small business.

Promising reviews:

WWW_winnie (2019) – Who thought accountants could be funny & informative at the same time….well Tim & Dan certainly hit the mark & they cover some really interesting topics in a really fun way. Really good podcast for people interested in business.

mndsmith1 (2020) – These guys are great, they’re on top of all new information as soon as it comes out and they explain it in a way that makes it easy to understand and doesn’t put us to sleep. We’ve been with CATS for around 13 years and nothing is ever too much trouble. I am terrible at doing anything to do with accounts and am always late with information and they just deal with it with a smile and keep us out of trouble with the tax man. Highly recommended!

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