Life’s a Pitch: Another Successful Pitch Event Powered with IP Support!

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The NSIN pitch night, made in coordination with the amazing team of IP lawyers at Griffith Hack, touched on many of the issues that any startup founder needs to consider when beginning their entrepreneurial journey. From refining their pitch skills, answering many of the broad or specific IP related questions startup founders had, and validating their idea, the evening was supported by an incredible lineup of experienced speakers and judges, including Rashid Kotwal, Mike Nicholls, Alan Jones, Stella Xu, Robyn Heard, and Jessica Lee. 

IP Workshop

“There’s no value in a patent alone, the value lies in how you use it” – Robyn

Beginning with the IP workshop presented by Robyn Heard and Jessica Lee, startup founders and audience members had the opportunity to share details about some of the IP issues they were facing in their own efforts to make a successful startup and get help with understanding the basics of IP law. Some of the most important takeaways from their workshop included pillars of IP law, such as definitions of patents and copyright, where to find IP in work that you do, specifically a Heineken beer keg showcasing that even one product can have multiple IP aspects, why you should protect your IP in order to create a hurdle to others and increase business worth, and finally why IP forms an integral part of any startups development journey.

“Our first piece of advice to startups and founders is to conduct a search, it might just save your life” – Robyn

Pitch Workshop

Following the IP workshop, Rashid Kotwal shared with us his valuable pitching experience and educated audience members on how to craft the perfect pitch. To illustrate his point that pitches are as much about the individual as the idea, he took a volunteer from the crowd and invited the audience to critique his pitch, based off of what had just been discussed. Not only did the volunteer receive critical advice before their pitch later that evening, other audience members had irrefutable evidence of Rashid’s teachings that your product/service must save people time or money, or increase their status or happiness in order for it to be successful.

“If you’re idea doesn’t address one of those levels of need then you need to rethink your idea” – Rashid


After a quick break for refreshments and conversation, the pitches began and the audience were presented with a total of eight ideas ranging from a debt collection business focusing on smaller debts for SMEs, a method of turning government and large construction company regulations and training manuals into virtual reality experiences, and a marketplace to link coffee producers directly with their customers, thus eliminating the need for the multitude of middle-men usually found in this process. Through all of these pitches, judges Stella Xu and Mike Nicholls from Main Sequence Ventures, and Alan Jones from M8 Ventures added their own inputs on how the pitchers performed and areas where their ideas fell short or could do with some work. By the end of the evening, the pitch by Edward Kim, presenting his company Bountifarm, won the night, with second place being awarded to Javion Cai, with his company 9Cloud.

Another successful pitch night and group of future entrepreneurs being given the support they need in their startup journey!

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Louis Fragiacomo is a recent Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Major) graduate from the Australian Catholic University (ACU) and intern at the NSIN with aspirations of venturing into the world of entrepreneurship.

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