Pitch events

North Sydney Innovation Network runs a series of events throughout the year including pitch events.

The general flow for the event includes three things:

  • Pitching Class with an awesome coach
  • Pitches
  • Chat with Speakers, Judges, and other entrepreneurs.

General Pitching Advice

A pitch is not just for money or a current need! So often, we get ‘I don’t need to pitch, because I’m not looking to raise venture capital’:

1) A pitch can be for any key need the business (eg. to get more customers and/or revenue). So, the pitch might be you’re looking for a CTO or other C-level exec, to get a corporate sponsor or partner for an ongoing relationship or to get a new board member or mentor. Pitch it!

2) No need now but what about when you do. Be ready! What would $500K in your bank account do for your business… The practice in describing your business succinctly to a crowd can only help (even if it only re-affirms) the way you are currently selling.

3) The other thing we hear about is ‘I’m not ready to pitch’ … JUST DO IT! You had the idea, you started the company… the passion is there (or you shouldn’t be here at all). And we have *never* heard of someone going to a pitch night, hearing of an idea for the first time and copying it. Better among friendlies than being too nervous when it counts.