Our team at the NSIN has designed the FIRST EVER Monopoly game featuring Australian startups and innovative businesses!

Estimated delivery date: Christmas 2022. $16 shipping Australia-wide. Pre-order your board by clicking either one or two boards on the left.

You’ll be among the first to enjoy hours of fun exploring the cool startups and established businesses that are part of the vibrant innovation community.

This is a limited edition, so once they’re gone .. they’re gone!

What do I get?

You’ll get a limited edition, collectible Monopoly game! See all the customisations below.

This edition replaces the traditional railroads with a customised STEM set:

  1. Science: CSIRO
  2. Technology: Microsoft for Startups
  3. Entrepreneurship: Macquarie University Incubator
  4. Maths: TinkerTank

We’re also replacing the ordinary tax squares with Crypo and Income Tax, and utilities are now the Intellectual Property (IP) set – represented by Griffith Hack.

And we have created all-new property sets!

  1. Co-Working :: WorkBee North Sydney, WOTSO Neutral Bay
  2. EdTech :: ClassCover, Scribo by Literatu, Inquisitive
  3. Investors :: Vitas Varnas, M8 Ventures, Boson Ventures
  4. AgTech :: Farmbot, The Swag, Tenacious Ventures
  5. Software :: Leanmote, Baraja, SAP
  6. PropTech :: Managed App, Bricklet, Defy-Hi Robotics
  7. HealthTech :: Captixbio, Sound Scouts, Drop Bio Health
  8. FinTech :: FinClear, Sandstone Technology

The Impact

You’ll be helping us promote these incredibly innovative startups and businesses in Northern Sydney! You’ll also be the proud owner of this collector’s edition of Monopoly.


Boards will ship to Australia in time for Christmas 2022.

$16 shipping Australia-wide for up to 2 boards.