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Building and growing a startup isn’t easy. Having someone in their corner can make a big difference to an entrepreneur.

If you have found your own startup or have expertise and connections that can be relevant to entrepreneurs, you can be that someone.

Our mentoring platform connects you with entrepreneurs seeking support in the areas you are experienced in.

We want to make the exchange of expertise in the Australian innovation sector easier and quicker and help startups grow.

We bring the mentees to you by recommending your profile when someone needs support in the business areas and industries you know about.

You can make yourself available as often or as little as want and set an hourly fee for your time.

If you have a well-paying job or profitable business, you may prefer to offer your time free of charge.

But if you are an entrepreneur, we want to provide you with an opportunity to generate income to support you to keep growing your company. We know your experience will be very relevant to other entrepreneurs.


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