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Imagine having your company featured as a property on MONOPOLY, the most popular board game in the world. If your business is an innovator based in Northern Sydney, now’s the chance. The iconic board game, MONOPOLY is coming to Northern Sydney! The aim is to make the entire game a truly Northern Sydney experience.

The team at North Sydney Innovation Network (NSIN), a non-profit organisation, has partnered with Winning Moves and Hasbro to create the MONOPOLY board showcasing local innovative Australian businesses and startups. The NSIN promotes the contribution of innovation-driven enterprises – particularly startups and fast-growth organisations across the North Shore. Chair of NSIN Jonathan Herrman said, “I’m thrilled to bring this edition to Northern Sydney to bring attention to the many innovative and forward-thinking organisations in this area.”

Dale Hackett, Custom Games Manager at Winning Movessaid: “We’re so excited to bring this globally loved game to Northern Sydney. We want to ensure that this edition represents the best-in-class, most innovative businesses in the area. We’re asking locals like you to recommend which companies you think should be on the board. Everyone from startups and coworking spaces to forward-thinking corporations, research and educational institutions based in Northern Sydney are eligible to sponsor a space—so get involved! This edition will be everything you love about the traditional board, adapted in a way that Northern Sydney residents will enjoy for generations to come.”

Until 30th June, locals can suggest which companies they would like to see featured on the board via the official Northern Sydney Innovation MONOPOLY Facebook page, Twitter page or by emailing

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