Monopoly World Record holder Neil Scallan shares why he’s excited for our board 🧐 🎩

https://youtu.be/7Qd_fSo5QWk   Neil Scallan never thought the Monopoly board collection he started on a trip to New Zealand in 2005 would one day land him a spot in the Guinness Book of [...]

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Venture Café’s Sydney Launch and What it means for the Startup Ecosystem

What is Venture Café? February 21st marks the official launch of Venture Café in Australia and marks what will be a leap forward for the innovation and startup ecosystem in Sydney. Venture […]

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An in Depth Look at Attending the Spark Festival Australia Launch Party

Hiller Sperry is an American student-athlete (lacrosse) about to finish a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business and Management from Wheaton College, Massachusetts. Hiller currently is spending this semester taking classes at […]

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