What is Venture Café?

February 21st marks the official launch of Venture Café in Australia and marks what will be a leap forward for the innovation and startup ecosystem in Sydney. Venture Café is a collaborative space seeking to foster creativity by hosting events, offering workspaces, and encouraging others to work together in hopes of combining great ideas with human action. The organization now has 8 locations globally after the brand new opening in Macquarie Park, and expects to expand its reach yet again in Q3 of 2019 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Event Details

The opening of the café in Macquarie park held workshops, talks, and plenty of opportunities to network with innovators, academics, politicians, and other contributors to the community. Workshops presented interesting developments in innovative technologies and gave guests a chance to interact in smaller groups. In the main hall outside the auditorium, refreshments were being served as waiters scurried back and forth between the kitchen ensuring the floor had a constant food supply for the event’s hungry guests.

Before the introductory event, a traditional ritual/dance done by Aboriginal representatives took place in the outside common area. They performed traditional chants and dances into the main building and helped lead transition into the main event. Formalities were recognized and an acknowledgement of the land took place. During this time, a representative for the Aborigines shared their history and explained the importance to include and respect those who had lived on the land before. Talks held in the main auditorium garnered much attention and conveyed the appreciation for those who attended and for those who were involved in the opening of Venture Café, while speaking about the future of Venture Café and what lies next for the innovation and startup community.

Collaboration Fosters Growth

After talking with many other people at the event from different backgrounds and companies, I realized just how impactful Venture Café’s opening in Macquarie Park could be in the long run for North Sydney. North Sydney holds a lot of potential in the tech sector, especially in medical technology with rising stars like Cochlear who are based out of Macquarie Park as well. With big tech companies in mind, Venture Café understands its service as a focal point for innovation in the northern region. This space attracts a conglomerate of academics, innovators, startups, and others who can collaborate and combine knowledge to deliver ideas. This ability to foster an environment dedicated to those who seek a space surrounded by like-minded creators and innovators proves to be the very essence of Venture Café.

Behold the Future

What comes next from an established global network of innovators? I believe we can expect to see great advancements in the coming years from North Sydney as people begin to take notice of the developments occurring behind the CBD curtain. Innovation in the region has been no stranger and the Venture Café’s opening will only accelerate this boom. The café already has select themes for the coming months and will host a multitude of events and workshops for those who seek to be a part of the innovation revolution. Innovation does not occur in one specific place nor does it require a special type of person, for anyone anywhere with the willingness to collaborate and experiment contains the essence of innovation.