Neil Scallan never thought the Monopoly board collection he started on a trip to New Zealand in 2005 would one day land him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Neil bought his first custom board as a unique souvenir to remember the trip to NZ, and his collection has grown to more than 3,300 sets – most of them unopened.

“I would say 99.9% of what I own is unsealed because, if you open them they lose a good 80% of their value,” Neil said.

So, where does Neil store his 3,000+ boards? At first, he stored them in his home.

Neil told us:

“My set used to be at my friend’s house, and it overgrew the room. I was lucky to have six feet spare to sleep on my bed, because I stacked them up on the bed … I stacked them everywhere. They were sort of like falling on me!

So, I’d try and fall asleep with having these sets just stacked up on the side of the bed thinking oh, they can literally fall.”


Luckily, a storage space near his home offered him a discount … so he moved them in 2018. Guinness came out to count the 1,669 boards, and BBC’s Bargain Hunt came along to film the move.

The next time Guinness counted his boards was in when he got his 2,000th edition. Neil shared this was one of his fondest memories, “I got my 2,000th set on the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. That was lovely.”

The best thing about collecting for Neil is that he’s part of an international community. He and the friends he has made through his hobby help each other get rare and difficult to find boards.

Neil said, “I do help people. I have sets, which I’ve stacked up to send to people in Australia and Germany.”


He has also loaned out around 750 of his boards to a Monopoly Museum in Belgium, which now has the biggest display of Monopoly boards in the world.

Neil said the owner of the museum, Didier Colart, told Neil, “They’re like artwork, because each country, each language, each city has a different front of the box and their own choices of pictures. And there are so many companies and themes. So [Didier] said to me, ‘They’ve got to be seen.’”

We asked Neil why he thinks Monopoly is such an iconic game, and he said, “I think every household has one. I think everyone when they were younger, if they were going to play one game, it was definitely going to be Monopoly. I used to pay for hours and hours.”

The exciting thing about this new, limited edition set, Neil shared, is that we’re playing out every child’s dream—designing our  own, custom Monopoly board. “Imagine all these youngsters who are playing all the Monopoly sets now, and they’re thinking, ‘Wow, I’d like to make my own version. And you’re actually doing it!”

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